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If one is interested in volunteering his/her time, there are four basic ways that you can get involved:

  • Give your time and skills: If you have a few hours a week, apply yourself to projects that will improve Chandigarh. VC works with institutions across the city to create opportunities for people like you who want to contribute to the progress of our community.
  • Start a project: If you have an idea to improve your community, take responsibility for a project, recruit others, and start transforming your city. VC will help you bring your own ideas to life and help you make Chandigarh into the city of your dreams!
  • Spread the message: You can help VC awaken the spirit of volunteerism in youth across Chandigarh by inspiring others to give. You can get your College, school, business, company, government agency, media enterprise, or institution active in making Chandigarh a model city. This needs to be a united effort.
  • Take the spirit of VA home: If you’re not from Chandigarh, you can mobilize the people of your own city or town by encouraging them to give some time back to their own communities. Work with VC to promote a culture of public service and volunteerism.


Donors of Yuvsatta experience a return on their investment that is immediate and lasting - the joy of giving and satisfaction that come from donating for a cause in a way that benefits all and which leaves a legacy for future generations that would not otherwise be possible.

We’re building a group of motivated & empowering young people willing to go an extra mile to achieve permanent solutions to chronic problems of violence against man & nature.

How much should I donate?

Yuvsatta invites you to donate at your highest appropriate level:

  • a level that expresses your commitment;
  • a level that gives you a real stake in the outcome
  • a level that begins to demand from you the kind of courage
  • a level that challenges you, and shakes you out of the patterns of consumption that surrounds you.

As every penny counts; so even a small contribution matters and one can plan to join the list of monthly contributors who’re contributing small-small amounts to make a big difference.



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